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Song:That Was Yesterday
Album:Fargo CountryGenres:Country
Year:2008 Length:198 sec


You know, I've always believed
That when you feel something
Especially something good for someone
You shouldn't keep it from them
You should let him know
But I also believe that

If you think it's love
There's really no need to bring it up
If you know there's no chance for it to grow
But it seems like

I'm always coming up with contradictions
Because now I find that
What I believe and what I feel are two very different things
And those feelings
That I've kept all to myself are gonna come out now
Even though they've changed
So you see

I guess I was right in one way
That I never told you this
And I don't really know why I'm telling you now
But I'd just kinda like you to know that
There could have been a you and me
I might've changed my life for you

And you might've changed for me
If there weren't so many ifs and buts
And if you had wanted it to be
But because of the way I am
And the way you are
We never took the chance, did we?

Call it respect
Because we're not free
Call it fear of rejection
Because of our pride
Or call it just plain old common sense

That it would be just too risky
And too sticky a situation
Because we wouldn't know exactly where we were going
And we'd be afraid to take the ride

Call it whatever
But I wanted you to know that
I like you very much
And you're the kind of person I could love
You're honest, sincere, compassionate
Not afraid
To be too gentle and not afraid to be too strong

And you got that certain kind of something
People are always looking for and rarely find
And never seem to get enough of and somehow

It doesn't seem wrong to tell you that
No, we never kissed and never touched each other
But our hearts have and our souls have
And if we gaved them half the chance

Look out
For I'll bet they could start a fire
That nobody in the whole world could put out
But that was yesterday, wasn't it?

And things are so different now
So I was right not to ever tell you
Because I guess I always knew
It would of never really had a chance to grow
And though I'll use my better judgement again
And never mail this letter
I still kinda wanted you to know


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