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Song:I Stand Accused (Long Version)
Album:The Isaac Hayes MovementGenres:Funk
Year:1970 Length:700 sec


Artist Isaac Hayes
Album Title Isaac Hayes Movement
Date of Release 1970 (release) inprint
AMG Rating (Best-of-Artist)
Genre Rock
Styles Funk, Soul
Time 36:18
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AMG EXPERT REVIEW: His second huge hit album and a great follow-up to the superb Hot
Buttered Soul. Those critics who thought there was no way Hayes could repeat that triumph got
fooled. He included a brilliant remake of Jerry Butler's 'I Stand Accused' and also did a
12-minute version of the Beatles' 'Something,' complete with a wailing violin solo from jazz-rocker
John Blair. This album showed that Hayes was going to be around for a long time and perform
just as consistently on his own as he did teaming with Porter. Ron Wynn

1. I Stand Accused (Butler/Butler) - 11:37
2. One Big Unhappy Family (Chalmers/Rhodes) - 5:49
3. I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (Bacharach/David) - 7:00
4. Something (Harrison) - 11:52


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