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Palace Music - Viva Ultra Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Viva Ultra
Album:Viva Last BluesGenres:Country
Year: Length:199 sec


She's my lifeblood, she's my secret share
Always been around this place
And when I call her
It's not long before she comes to where I'm calling from
Do I hate her?
Do I know her just to hate what she does?

Are you jealous? of the show we put on
Are you wary?
Is there justice?
Is there something which resembles pleasure?
And are you mammals?
Do you eat and drink the same as we do?

Oh!, it's OK, not to say

Is there time still? Time to forrage for a decent dinner here
Where we've settled
Where we've come to call the new century in
And when I wake up
I do not ask her
If she know just where we lay ourselves
It's better that way, and so it's this way
That we start our day to day

Oh!, it's OK, not say


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