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Song:Heaven's Just A Sin Away
Album:The Best Of CountryGenres:Country
Year: Length:146 sec

Lyricist: Lynn Anderson


Heaven's just a sin away oh oh just a sin awayG A7 D7I can't wait another day I think I'm giving inG G7 CHow I long to hold you tight oh oh be with you tonightG D7 GBut that still don't make it right cause I belong to him C GOh way down deep inside I know that it's all wrong C D7But your eyes keep tempting me and I never was that strongG CDevil's got me now oh oh gone and got me nowG A7 D7I can't fight him anyhow I think he's gonna winG G7 CHeaven's just a sin away oh oh just a sin awayG D7 GHeaven help me when I say I think I'm giving in

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