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David Lee Roth - Easy Street Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Easy Street
Album:Crazy from the HeatGenres:Rock
Year:1985 Length:228 sec

Lyricist: David Lee Roth


Saturday night At the corner cafe I had me some drinks And I'm feeling my way The moon's on the rise And it looks like A night for romance Shuffling down Pass the local hotel Doing the rounds And I'm under a spell Must be the place Yes I knew When she asked me to dance I'm on easy, easy street I'm on easy, easy street Seeing as how I'm a regular guy Watching the girls Of the evening go by I got me a chance And I'm making it Making it last I'm on easy, easy street I'm on easy, easy street So if you're feeling like You're just some lonely man When ever you're down In need of gentle care There's always easy street You know you gotta pay But just remember boy It's only a one night stand That's right I'll probably Make it anyway Down that easy street She got nasty Say baby What you doing tonight?


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