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The Killers - Where The White Boys Dance [Bonus Track] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Where The White Boys Dance [Bonus Track]
Album:Sam's TownGenres:Rock
Year:2006 Length:209 sec


Where The White Boys Dance

Excuse me miss what's your name
The way you move you hips its a shame
And that dude you wit is lame
Me and you can spit in my range

But I see you here wit your man
I just asked for the quickest dance
He kind of salty when I kissed your hand
Keep walkin' girl, fix your pants

But I see a bunch of nosy whores
Couple niggas here owe me doe
Let me handle this before they close
You can meet me at the closest mo' inn

I ain't the one that'll sweat a ho
If you frontin' I'll check a ho
I see you love how the necklace glowin'
On the floor girl you flexible
Now bounce

Bounce that ass
Shake dat ass
Shorty you can move dat ass
Slow it down and work dat ass
C'mon shorty do dat dance for me

Bounce dat ass
Shake dat ass
Shorty you can move dat ass
Slow it down and work dat ass
C'mon shorty I know you a freak

I'm seein' bitches thats thick and shit walkin' past
Hoes on the floor poppin' and droppin' dat ass
Tryin' to come up on niggas that got cash
Somethin' like we the dumber family

Off in the club wit thugs that got heat
We plugged in the street and down wit IC
Co wit those hoes hommie
Competition should not be mentioned

Your bitch is missin'
Who would have thought I was taught to spit this diction
Nut off in your bitch face and the cum goin' glisten'
You know the grill and the wheels is bitchin'

Once I exit the club wit my thugs and henchmen
We known for pimpin'
Not cuffin' dames
But you can keep your head shorty just gimme' them brains
You know done rough ho just to much ho
Now make that ass clap like a strap and get low
So bounce


Damn white boy she thick as fuck
And her sports bra got her tits sittin' up
Yeah if I take her to the truck my dick get sucked
We gotta' cuff this runner she the thickest slut

Yea that's what's up but I ain't gonna' work the middle
I'm tryin' to get me some brains and get drained a little
That's cool don't talk nigga make the move
Look at the bitch she drunk and she in the mood
Then move out the way cause she's gettin' away
Hey shortay!

Hey check it out ma, what you want for the rest of the night?
You hungry?
You wit me?

Ha Ha lets go nigga
It's fa' sho' nigga
We got that ho nigga
We to the mo' nigga
Sip a lil' henni' bottle
A lil' dro' nigga
This is for the gold diggers here to send em' home nigga


C'mon shorty do dat dance for me
C'mon shorty I know you a freak
C'mon shorty do dat dance for me
C'mon shorty, c'mon shorty


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