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Glen Campbell - Galveston (With Lyrics) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Galveston (With Lyrics)
Album:GLEN CAMPBELLGenres:Country
Year: Length:247 sec


Galveston oh Galveston I still hear your sea winds blowing
I still see her dark eyes glowing she was twenty one when I left Galveston
Galveston oh Galveston I still hear your sea waves crashing
While I watch the cannons flashing I clean my gun and dream of Galveston
I still see her standing by the water standing there looking out to the sea
And is she waiting there for me on the beach where we used to run
Galveston oh Galveston I am so afraid of dying before I dry the tears she's crying
Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun at Galveston at Galveston
[ guitar + strings ]


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