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Ingrid Michaelson - Black and Blue Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Black and Blue
Album:Human AgainGenres: 
Year:2012 Length:270 sec

Lyricist: Ingrid Michaelson


Oh I think I got you figured out
Boy I think I know what you are all about
Finally I can finally see
You pull the darkness right down over me
But now I see
Everybody knows that I'm a mess
Everybody knows you stole the heart from out my chest
Everything you ever said was a lie
You're hiding behind your sweet your sweet goodbyes
I'm black and blue
'cause I fell for you
You said you never would let me go
Oh how could I ever know
I'm black and blue
And in love with you
You said, you never would let me fall
You never would let me fall, but I'm falling
You never would let me fall, you never would let me fall, but I'm falling
Oh I know I'm never gonna stop
I keep burning time away until I hit the top
One day I'll wake up and take up to the open skies
And I'll be the one with all
I'm falling
Black and blue
It's what I need to do


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