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Song:These Days
Album:Home GrownGenres:Country
Year:2005 Length:352 sec


The buildings are burning
In American homes.
And people are running
From clouds of stone.
And houses are churnin'
With people on the phone.
Oh no!

These days to live.
These days to love.
Many, many people are going to learn
That war is promising,
But it leaves before we can learn
There are no days to burn.

Oh oh snapper I got the gun clapper
Flyin' bombs. I pour my heart out to the people.
What's one? But not one-one, nine-eleven.
This sh*t gotta stop.
And these times people dyin' in flocks.
Oh my god! The life we live, broken-hearted and
shattered in tears.

Children run from Gomorrah
Or be turned to salt.
Pictures of justice
Hung in empty halls.
And you know you got to go
When duty calls.
And our children will read their names
In a cold marble wall.

War is poverty but then hate is more.
They say these days bring pain but there's a art to
Acts of hate left so many shattered dreams.
9/11 shocked the world with a terrible scene.
Breakin' News Channel 5 I can't believe my eyes.
Disaster strikes and it came outta the skies.
They say envy lead to terror, and terror went too far.
And to the people who passed, we remember who you are.
And these days ...

[Repeat Chorus]

I've see fire, and I've seen rain.
I've seen them sunny days I thought would never end.
And I've seen whole a lot of things I could not
But I always thought I'd see you again!

I seen what I feel.
I feel what is real.
I believe in the Lord.
As I reach for light,
I howl in the moonlight
Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by bad men.
Better yet an al qaeda fighter, suicider, do-or-die-er.
Open fire for the higher power in the hour of
In a 747 the story is told
A father holds a daughter who will never be grown,
never move on, say so long to the prom.
A poor man sits with his wife in his arm
Thinkin' if he had the chance, 'I'd buy whatever she
And a daughter looks at her father, 'When are we goin'
Who knows where the mind goes when fuel is runnin' low?
I suppose they look from the window and scream
When they see the sunbeams gleam from the wings of a
bad dream.

[Repeat Chorus]

There are no days to burn.
No days to burn.
No days to burn.


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