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Song:That's How Love Goes
Album:Greatest Hits & Rare ClassicsGenres: 
Year: Length:207 sec


Girl, you walk around,
With your head up in the sky,
Yes you do, now.
'Cause you've hurt so many before,
And never had to cry, no.

But you better stop, honey,
And realize, yeah,
That one day soon,
You're gonna have to be penalized.


That's how love goes,
You gotta reach up towards the sun,
Now now, baby,
You keep on livin'?
It'll happen to you,
Like it happened to me.
[End Chorus]

That's how love goes,
You gotta reach up towards the sun,
You keep on livin' a dream (?)
It's gonna happen to you,
Just like it happened to me.

Because you made me cry,
You think you're the baddest of them all,
Yes you do now,
Well I hope I'm around, my dear,
When he sets you free and you fall, yeah.

Then you find? laugh,
Until? you can see.
Your heartaches are gonna come,
And so is your misery.

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


Now now now now now...
Now now now now now...

Well well well...
Well well well well...

Well lemme tell ya somethin',
Girl, you better stop,
And take a real good look at yourself,
'Cause when those?
You're gonna wish you were somebody else.

You find the one that you love,
Then they're gonna turn you down...
Down, down down down down...

Oh baby,
[Repeat chorus]

Oh, now now now now now, baby...
Well! Well well well well...



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