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Kinks - Killing Time Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Killing Time
Album:Think VisualGenres: 
Year: Length:242 sec


Everybody’s going somewhereSee how they stand in lineAll complaining their lives are unfairToo bad for them, too bad for mine(it’s the killing time) from now till then(killing time), not knowing whenThey’re watching me, I’m watching themStanding by the empty mine(killing time)It’s a killing timeI know it wellKilling timeUntil the bellToo late to change, too soon to tellAnd in between, the killing time(killing time) giving me hellUp above the stars still shineThrough the poverty and grimeOf the empty streets belowKilling time, nowhere to go(killing time)Tell me, brother what’s the plan? Will I be a working man? And occupy my idle mindOr kill the time I knew so well(killing time) giving me hellStill I can smile at what I seeSoap operas full of vanitySo much wealth and propertySide by side with petty crimeIs that all life’s meant to be? Commercials full of luxuriesA man has one, a cat has nineAnd in between it’s killing time(killing time)It’s a killing timeI know it wellToo late to changeToo soon to tellStill I can smile at what I findWaiting round and killing timeBite the bulletHelp me through itThese lunatics will take my mindWhy can’t life be more sublimeThan all of this waste and killing timeKilling timeI know it wellIt’s the killing time


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