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Lovebugs - Rise Up Size Up Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Rise Up Size Up
Album:Transatlantic FlightGenres:Pop
Year:1999 Length:311 sec


too high to reach

too deep to hide away

i pray maybe we should end this game

too far to care

too close to look away

i pray maybe we should break this chain

i don't need a lover

but i do need a friend

i don't need a cover

to pretend

too sad to cry

too good to laugh away

i pray may a solution be found

too hard to work

too sound to throw away

i pray may we stop this merry go round

i don't need a angel

but i do need some peace

i don't need the bible

i need release

get up

rise up / size up

we don't give up and don't back down

don't lose face don't turn around

rise up / size up

don't show weakness never cry

cheek for cheek eye for an eye

eye for an eye


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