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Album: Genres:Soul
Year:1999 Length:236 sec

Lyricist: Zoe


Who Would Ever Know That You Could Feel Me,
The Way You Do.
And That In The End You'd Satisfy Me,
So, Satisfy Me So Well.
Fantasies And Make Believing
Are What I Use To Do, When I Dreamed Of
What I Wanted In A Man
And Then You Came Into My Dreams To
Rescue Me From My Fantasies And Now I'm
I Am Yearning
I Am Yearning For Your Love.
You Got Me
Got Me Burning
Burning For Your Love.

Verse 2:
Now Every Time You Reach Out To Touch Me,
My Heart Begins To Race
Every Time You Lay Me Down To Kiss Me,
My Body Starts To Shake
Cause I Know Theirs A Passsion Coming On
That Will Be So Strong That I Lose Control
Of My Heart And Ofm Y Soul But Still I Like It.



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