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Young Gunz - Friday Night Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Friday Night
Album:Tough LuvGenres:Rap & Hip-Hop
Year:2004 Length:219 sec

Lyricist: Young Gunz


3,2,1 Go [Chorus] Its a friday night and the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was jumpin it wasnt long for everybody knew (just blaze) Whats on the b box (Youn Gunz) Travel wit the heat rock before I hit the club hit the weed spot it goes 1,2,3,and [Chris] Its like king midas as I was told young C was on the block 13 years old I dont mean to brag I had the meanest bag the suppliers was my peeps I was bringin half took charge of the block a pean the ave still bringin cash on the scene at last still gloves and mask as i proceed mad mats, mad gats, mad hollow seed, Ya man actin crazy roll wit the kid, playa been hella pimpin you already know what it is, they dont gotta notice the whip, I don show them the wrist, they already know that chris and they know tha to stick to the script it don't last long hittem and i last long cant drive em south long send em in a cab home you takin mad long get cha bags gone I aint got a dime for you time for me pass on [Chorus 1x] [Chris] Back in effect vest, mach in the tech, show you how to clap wit perfect when they actin a mess we from north PHILLY free, peedie crack and the rest mac south side O and sparks back on the West we the leaders of the new school, heated cause my jewls cool get my jewls cool every weekend its a new crew bout to set the record staight soon as the record break ship t2 more to the store wath it levatate Neef Yeah we never late early in the game we brought pain yup heavy spen up in every state yeah you bond to hate tiered of the boad and tape 7 60 bound to scape put em all around ya face time to cool walk in ya place get every dime you got up out of


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