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Young Gunz - No Better Love Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:No Better Love
Album:Tough LuvGenres:Rap & Hip-Hop
Year:2004 Length:222 sec

Lyricist: Young Gunz


[Young Chris Neef Talking] Where the ladies You can feel me I wanna be your mother, your father Your brother, your sister Your everything [VERSE 1] [Young Chris rappin'] I think i might wife her You know, powder blue rocawear suite White nikes (uh) My niggas like her She been with me through the grind Girl you put in that time like been liferz Got tight, use 2 hookey and chill She tight, plus she cook up a meal Had the hook up for real More headaches and stress cuz a child involved Itz all good cuz our sex be my tylenol Best baby doll of all Shit the rest of you childish broads Give me the sex then i'm tired of yall So find the next to provide for yall I got my babygirl Plus she bout to drop my baby girl (off) Forget about all the rumors you hear girl A newer life is soon to be here girl And cant nothin fuck up that Gotta fuck with that Cant find a better love than that [CHORUS] [Rell singin'] Dont stop givin me your lovin Cuz my hearts been racin for your lovin I wont give it up for nothin (cuz there's no better love) Girl you got me goin crazy You got me thinkin bout you baby Could you be my one and only lady (cuz there's no better love) [VERSE 2] [Neef rappin'] Comin up i thought cupid was stupid Only two loves, my family and music Fallen through somethin, jus couldnt do it It was the beginin of time And you was like nine but god damn you was fine Use to stay on my mind When i was out on my grind Open up the bags when im choppin my dimes There in the spindell Stood by me from the windows Popped up mad shit with m


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