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Song:Pussycat Run
Album:Fury in the SlaughterhouseGenres:Rock
Year:1989 Length:126 sec


I don't care about ideas
don't need no safer sex
I'm sharing my bed with the girl that I love
when everyone else got the plasticmania
I just feel skin on me
ohoho ohoho

well the doctor said boy
soon it gets you
sharing your bed with the girl you love
but I'm closing my eyes and soon she gets me
I just feel skin on me
ohoho ohoho

just pure love will satisfy you
(repeat... )

weIl I'm riding with my chevi down the san anton
I got a girl on my knees
and I call her my own
I wanna stick it in, stick it out, stick it in
but she won't let me in
with my rubberless skin
ohoho ohoho

just pure love will satisfy me


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