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Song:Wat Da Hook Gon Be (Feat. Jerma)
Album:Now Thats What I Call Music 14Genres:Other
Year:2003 Length:225 sec


[Murphy Lee]
(Wat da hook gon be)

[Murphy Lee:]
hahahaha u know!...yo yo yo yo,
u neva met a nigga like me yo yo yo,
have u eva seen another man who b doin what i do. ahuh yo!whooo

[Verse 1]
[Murphy Lee:]
Now what goes up must come down,
but we aint commin down,
it be the same ole clowns,
evey style pretendin they proud
but when u leave town they go round'
runnin they mouth, (mayyyne),
they somthin like a hatta man,
talkin bad about a playa as
if im not gon' c ya lata man,
u constintly frontin until u confronted on,
if u dont like whats gowinz' on
go on to another song,
cuz i keep a hata guilty,
my cars and my money, or a nitemare both come filthy,
we skinny and nippie,
with fuel on full c
i be in my cago bulls,
obey no rules to school
u fools, school boy earned
what we yung do new, ST. luis like blues
D.Miles and Larry Hughes and the yung dude done paid yung dudes dues dued.

[JD:] but Yo! Wat da hook gon be?
[Nelly:] uh ohhh!
[Murphy Lee:]
C i dont need no fuckin hook on the beat,
all i need is the track in the bac round' my head phones loud keep
the drink goin round'and imma rip it

[JD:] yo yo YO! Wat da hook gon be?
[Nelly:] uh ohh
[Murphy Lee:]
See I don't need no fucking hook on this beat,
All I need, is the track in the background,
My headphones loud, keep the blunt goin 'round and I'ma rip

[Verse 2]
[Murphy Lee:]
The sun'll come out tomorrow,
and I will never have to borrow,
got my 1st car, when i turned 16,
only drove at home, outta town limozines,
plus we was broke wit a deal,
but nobody could tell so we did -acapo


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