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Johnny Cash - In Bethlehem Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:In Bethlehem
Album:The Holy LandGenres:Christian/Country/Dialogue
Year:1969 Length:106 sec


Now we are in the city of Bethlehem
At the door of the Church of the Nativity where Christ was born
The gate has been walled up then enters into the church because of the horsemen
That used to come attack the place and sack the church
It's been walled up to where there's just a very narrow opening of about
Three and a half feet where you enter into the Church of Nativity
So now we enter into the place where Christ was born
This is the place where Christ was born to the world over it's a mighty big place
Actually physically it's a small cave underneath the Church of the Nativity
Many other people are here today to see this place
Before me is the actual spot where Christ was born undisputed to the ages
This place was found and confirmed that it was the place of the Nativity
By St Helene mother of Constantine the Emperor of Rome
In the third and the fourth century
Just a few feet away from this place where Christ was born
Where there is a Star of Bethlehem in the manger
Where he was taken wrapped in swaddling clothes
Meaning loose-fitting clothes laid in the manger
Where he was come and visited at this very spot by the three Wisemen from the east
One of the holiest of holy places
In the Christian tradition the Holy Family retreated here
During the massacre of the holy innocence ordered by King Herod
And just as we left the Church of the Nativity a few minutes ago
We saw another cave where so many of the children
That King Herod had killed under two years old were buried


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