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Glass Tiger - Send Your Love Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Send Your Love
Album:Diamond SunGenres:Rock
Year:1988 Length:268 sec


I'm out among the wildlife
Waiting among the daylight again
To come from above
It's like falling in love
You walk on the high road
To see just where life goes
And then your heart beats so slow
It just wants you to know
That I've had your love
I'll never be the same
Send your love
Give it all to me
Send your love
Senorita send your love
You walk on a fine line
But the bell saves you
In time again
So the world sets you free
Now it's looking for me
But I've had your love
Now I'll never be the same
You're searching all alone
With a heart that's
Turned to stone
And it tears you up inside
But it's your life
Glass Tiger Send Your Love


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