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Song:25 Years (UK mix)
Album:Fetenhits: 80's Maxi ClassicsGenres:Pop
Year:1983 Length:362 sec


Don't leave me in the corner
'Cos I just wanna go home
Don't lock me in the darkness
'Cos I just wanna go home
Spent my life working on the land
Trying for something in my own
Oh, I just aint't worth it
There's nothing in return
You can't take it with you when you go

One last look at day light
The sun won't shine anymore
Everything was alright
But now they're closing the door
I found out I wasted so much time
Now I'm trying to wash away the tears
Oh, it just ain't worth it
Forget that pot of gold
There's nothing at the rainbows end

25 years, I got 25 years
25 years, I got 25 years

It just ain't worth it for
25 years


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