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Taylor Swift - State Of Grace [Acoustic] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:State Of Grace [Acoustic]
Album:Red [Deluxe Edition]Genres:Country & Folk
Year:2012 Length:209 sec


Oh,I remember when you look at me
I miss you so much oh baby
Youre so faraway from me
Oh just like a state of grace
God,Im so lost
Oh Im So lost without u

I am so lost without you baby
Youre my first love
And I Was yours

Goodbye is such a sweet word
Good bye baby whoaa fuck fuck fuck
With u I'd climb the highest mountain baby whoa
Dont wanna see your such a big ass
Im tired of those bullshit words baby
Just gonna fu-fu-fu-fuck it Oh
Now Im like Im On a state of grace
Baby,Ur just an oversmart
I know baby


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