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Song:Howlin' At The Moon
Album:40 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)Genres:Country
Year:1988 Length:162 sec


Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. I [C] know there's never been a man in the awful [C7] shape I'm [F] in I can't even [C] spell my name, my [D7] heads in such a [G7] spin To-[C] day I tried to eat a steak with a big old [C7] table-[F] spoon You got me chasin' Rabbits, [C] walkin' on my hands ...And [G7] Howlin' At The [C] Moon. Well, (*SUG), I took one look at you and it almost drove me mad And then I even went and lost what little sense I had Now I can't tell the day from night, I'm crazy as a loon You got me chasin' Rabbits, pullin' out my hair and Howlin' At The Moon. Some friends of mine asked me to go out on a huntin' spree 'Cause there ain't a hound dog in this state that can hold a light to me I eat three bones for dinner today, then tried to tree a 'Coon You got me chasin' Rabbits, scratchin' fleas and Howlin' At The Moon. I rode my horse to town to day and a gas pump we did pass I pulled 'im up and I hollered WHOA!, said fill 'im up with gas The man picked up a monkey wrench and WHAM!, he changed my tune You got me chasin' Rabbits, spittin' out teeth and Howlin' At The Moon. I never thought in this old world a fool could fall so hard But honey baby, when I fell the whole world must have jarred I think I'd quit my doggish ways if you'd take me for your groom You got me chasin Rabbits, pickin' out rings and Howlin' At The Moon


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