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Song:Why Should We Try Anymore
Album:40 Greatest Hits (Disc 1)Genres:Country
Year:1988 Length:159 sec


(orginally released august 1950 as m-g-m #10760)

From hank williams: the singles collection

Transcribed by: ron mcgough

[d] whats the use to deny weve been [g] living a [d] lie

That we should have admitted be[a]fore

We were [d] just victims of a [g] half-hearted [d] love

So why should we [a] try any[d]more

The vows that we make are [g] only to [d] break

We drift like a wave from the [a] shore

The [d] kisses we steal we [g] know are not [d] real

So why should we [a] try any[d]more

The dreams that we knew can [g] never come [d] true

Theyre gone to return no [a] more

[d] false love like ours [g] fades with the [d] flowers

So why should we [a] try any[d]more

Our storys so old a[g]gain has been [d] told

On the past lets close the [a] door

And [d] smile dont regret but [g] live and [d] forget

Theres no use to [a] try any[d]more


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