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Song:Shout (E-Z Listening Muzak Ver
Album:ShoutGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year:1984 Length:252 sec


shout shout

i'm shoutin' about the world outside
i'm shoutin' because you just can't hide
i'm shoutin' from the plain honest truth
i'm shoutin' there's so much we could do

shout i'm shoutin' shoutin' shoutin'

i'm shoutin' because it's hard to believe
i'm shoutin' it's so easy to see
i'm shoutin' we're waitin' for a reply
i'm shoutin' for the very last time

shout well baby this one's for you
shout for everything that you do
shout until the battle is won
shout we'll live to fight on and on

and when you add it all together
and when you roll it in a ball
and when you watch another pyramid
as it's about to fall
remember you were there
remember if you care
all those who held their ground
when it all came down
said shout shout

shout it out


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