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Owl City - Rugs From Me To You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Rugs From Me To You
Album:Ocean Eyes [Deluxe Edition]Genres:Electronica
Year: Length:73 sec


Toup?e or not toup?e, that is the question
It refused to stay as it all turned gray
Oh William Shakespeare's receding hair
Please excuse the pun: it's hair today, gone tomorrow
So, be thankful for what precious locks you have

Toup?e or not toup?e, that is the question
And by the way, I just gotta say,
thank the Lord I'm not going bald!
And if I may quip, my curls and I are just like heaven
'cause rest assured, there'll be no parting there

But should my head get bare like Friar Tuck
Hard chase to swallow, it makes me smile
'cause I know just what I'd do
Yeah, if I had more wigs than I knew what to do with,
I'd open a secondhand store

And if you ever went bald,
you'd recall it 'cause I'd cleverly call it
rugs from me to you


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