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Song:Give Me One Reason
Year:2000 Length:293 sec


Give me one reason to live without him. Give me one reason to walk away. I know you don’t understand this feeling, how can I show, that he is the reason i have to let you go.

I’ve tried so hard to change your mind. I always thought that you’d understand the reasons why. why I don’t want to do the things that I used to do. Now that my heart and my soul belong to God and God alone. Every nights a fight to make it through, I can’t deny I’m still in love with you but how can you expect me to walk with him and give myself to you.


Boy I still long for your embrace. But what I found in God, oh it could never, never be replaced. Still I pray for the chance as you slip through my hands you come around. My hearts so far away from the words I’m trying to say. Wish I could hold you both and still be true, there’s only one thing left for me to do. Baby I love you, but I cant stay with you unless you love him too.


I found the path that I got to take. The journey back to the old way, got a chance to take, sacrifice to make, whatever it takes I won’t turn away.

Chorus (3x)


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