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Underworld - Jal To Tokyo Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Jal To Tokyo
Album:1992 - 2012 AnthologyGenres:Techno / Electronic / Ambient
Year: Length:345 sec

Lyricist: Underworld


One hand
Come down between us
I explained
How good I feel
And everything
In my imagination
You got the wrong end
Watching the sun rise
Over the water
Back in the fears
I discard
Ice in the apple juice
Chrome around the coffee
You get your legs waxed
At 2:00am
That's so lovely
Here comes
The cappuccino girl
The dark red line around your lips girl
Too many late nights
Clutching your finger tips
She let me sit alone
Let me gather fragments
Like a bone

Let me sit with the fear
Let it slip off me
Roll past and off me
I've been carrying it all day
Delicate finger cup girl
Do you need a ride?
Random breath
Pure siren inside
Double detrimental
Gather at the dark bridge
A crossing above our heads
Above us
Descending into the
Real men eat meat and chicken
Not beef crusades
Crusades for truth and justice
Home truth
Home twin
Turbulent and fast
Fast moving fingers
Your hiss in my ears again
'I'm just behind you girls' he says
Shakin' in the air
Strapped in
And rockin'
Covering your eyes and lips rubbed with fingers
You make the sign of lock and key
You nod and smile

Leaning into the wind she call
She pull the snake bag
Movin' at speed
Cursing her heels
Tangled air
Mr Cashman
King bridge
What's on?
Royal hot fresh star water star boy
Waiting for a green light
Waiting out for a green man
Bang the pole and here it comes
She's on the in-line blades a blind girl
Playing dancing queen
On an acordian
Black dog
Grey dog
Everybody got their dogs
Tied up to a wall
See the penguin girl
Selling the boat trips to tourists
Lycra boy in a blue hat walkin'
Walkin' tight rope for money
Was wandering around in this nothing
But this little white silky he said
Skimmer clocks
The Dali
The Japanese girls
A long way from home
In tats and pokeys
Waiting for a green man banging the pole
'Oh my god!' she says
I feel weightless
And funkfish
In Memphis cladding
Chocolate boutique
I'll give you one
I'll give you everyone
Black-out tang
Get behind the shot you think
You think I'm an idiot
A fresh boy Moses
Can you cut it
Cherry pickers waiting for a
Waiting for a memory they want
They want to get it on
They want to get the juice
That'll set them free
I'm your bare brass boy
I'm skinny
Side cup
Overdone and touched
I'm under touched
The picture's finished
A little girl's playing for money
For a junky mother eyes
Eyes behind glass
Black glass
Hello my name is Bernadett
HI hope you like my music
Have a nice day
Then the rose
The rose seller complains
Complains about the weather
Looking for another hoby man
Eureka she's a crane
A dome of pure cream
This floor is secured
There's a sweet smell in the hall
Walking through the mouth of Luna Park
The glove
The glove goes on my pink faced fish
The crystal club
Insert your card
Casino shopping
So much
Temp tation
Temptation she brings me black tea
Black tea and memory
Wrapped in the morning
No no no no
Offerings of everything
Of energy
This Summer's cheap
A dollar ninety five
When I
When I was in New York
She said
Go for the looser fit
You wont look as if you're trying so hard
When she was
She was trying harder
Gap on the shirt
Gap in the head she married the wrong bloke
He said
I burn fire on the rock
Making mark in the stone
And red
And red people animation
Liquid on sticks
And precious things I feel the wind
I feel weird and black glass in my head


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