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Song:Climb The Walls
Album:Passion PlayGenres:Pop
Year:1994 Length:300 sec


Here we go again
On the smooth tip
You and I

Once upon a time I was in pain
And blue was the color of my love's flame
So majestic, yet electric you
Sent a current through me, made my life brand new
Oh, you can have it all
But how you're gonna act this time when my love calls
Gonna spin the record 'You Sure Love To Ball'
All I wanna do is make you climb the walls, baby

Hold me tight, I'll keep you safe and warm
And all that I am is your quiet storm
Young light, spring time, deep like fantasy
Softer than a zephyr breeze, you play on me
Oh, anytime you call
I'll come runnin', baby, give my all and all
Gonna play the favorite 'I Sure Love To Ball'
Even if it means you make me climb the walls, baby

Sugar, I've been missing you
Miss all the times we shared
I'm never quite the same when you're not there
People come into my home
To give me love while I'm alone
But they'll never do 'cause I can't be true
Look at me, baby, I'm so into you

I just love you, that's all
I got my mind made up, baby
How you gonna act this time
Baby, when my love calls
Are we gonna get this thing together
Come on, can we climb the walls
Come on, can we climb the walls together
Lay down our love forever
Can we climb the walls, climb the walls, climb the walls

Come on, baby
Do you hear me
Do you hear me climbing, oh
Said I love you, baby, got to have your lovin'
Won't you come on, come on
Come on, won't you
Climb... the walls


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