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Song:Sweet On You (Feat. Yo-Yo)
Album:Passion PlayGenres:Pop
Year:1994 Length:272 sec


My sugar doesn't know I'm sweet on you
He wouldn't understand he thinks that he's the man
You came along and my heart burst into flames
I choked up on the smoke that tightened up my stroke
I'm tired of talking to you late nights on the phone
I want to be there for you when you're all alone
I need something I can hold onto baby baby
Can you help me-
I am sweet on you
Sweeter than honey sweeter than money
Sweeon on You-baby baby you know I'm
Sweeter the lickin' the sweeter the kissin'
Just like an applestick
Sweeter than fly the sweeter we lie
The sweeter the flow the sweeter the Yo Yo -
My name is Lady Tee
My love is sticky sweet just like a sloe gin fizz
Let's call this song exactly what it T-I-is
The bottom line is that you make my nature rise
Just like a lead balloon
You know you hit my heart-BOOM!
I'm loving you like apple pie up in the sky
I've tried to play you off that's too much like a lie
It just gets larger in my head oh baby, baby
Can you handle it-you made it what it is, I'm
The sweeter the smooth the sweeter the groove
Sweet P and Honey G-I'm sweet on you
The sweeter the breakin' the sweeter the makin'
Like momma's peach cobbler-I'm sweet on you
The sweeter the rhyme the sweeter the grind
Like RB - I'm sweet on you
The sweeter the lust the sweeter the trust
I'm honey on a stick-I'm sweet on you
The sweeter I'm knockin' the sweeter I'm clockin'
I love my chocolate-yes I'm sweet on you
The sweeter the flavor the sweeter the savor
As sweet as candy hey- sweet on you
Sweet as can be, but not sweeter than Lady T
Just like vanilla child - sweet on you
The sweeter the flow the sweeter the YoYo
My name is Lady Tee
Right now and how-
Your gonna love me right here
In the inner city
With all the madness in the streets
We might as well just rock this beat
Baby all night-up tight-out-a-sight
Flow baby flow baby flow
Flow baby flow baby flow
Flow baby flow baby flow
Flow Yo flow Yo

(Rap By Yo Yo:)
It's a shame the way you got me lovin' you
Got me feeling all these feelings that I'm feeling for you
Should i tell him or should I let him keep on thinkin'
That I'm true, but deep inside I'm sweet on you
Baby I can't hide it for too long
My lovin' is too strong for you to steer me wrong
What's going on?
Late night creeping got me sneakin' for a snack
Don't hold back my little sugar smack
Teena want all of that

(Rap By Teena:)
Like paradise your little slice of heaven
I'm gonna' roll-em 4 U 7 come 11
Money's on the table
Yeah, I can make it happen
Sing just like a bird, then I start to rappin'
'Quote- thru the fire 2 the limit- 2 the wall
4 a chance 2 be with U I gladly risk it all'
All right down to the real nitty gritty
So pet me papa, I'll purr just like a kitty

Meow, meow- pet me papa- hey Ill purr just like a kitty
With all the sadness in the street we might as well
Just rock this beat, baby all night, up tight, out a sight
Baby is it you - could U B the 1 2 do the do
I said baby, is it U - could U B the 1 2 do the do


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