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Song:Get Naked With Me
Album:Music Man/ Black On BlackGenres:Traditional
Year:2003 Length:195 sec


I bring it up
You??™re quick to cover it all up again
Thought we were friends
What are friends for?
The old bones in your closet
Must really embarrass you
And so to save face
It??™s a locked place
I don??™t see why you don??™t get naked with me
Get all the little secrets out in the open air
???Cause we won??™t ever be
All that we could be
As long as you won??™t get naked with me
The future??™s gettin??™ shaky
From all this holdin??™ back
There??™s something in your past
That seems to haunt you
For better or for worse, I said
I meant it through and through
No one has ever loved you
More than I do
Repeat Chorus


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