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Song:Gonna Write A Letter
Album:Music Man/ Black On BlackGenres:Traditional
Year:2003 Length:160 sec


I??™m gonna write a letter, gonna mail it today
Just as soon as I think of the words to say
I??™ve been needing to send it for nearly a year
There??™s a woman back home who??™s waiting to hear
I meant to tell you, dear Susannah
I??™m a long way from Louisiana and you
And I know I promised to be returning
Just as soon as I??™ve saved the money I??™m earning for you
But I??™m married to twins and I??™m living in Peru
Well, I??™m gonna write a letter
Get it off my mind
But you know the words
Are so hard to find
Sitting, thinking with my pen in my hand
How can I make her understand?
I meant to tell you, dear Julia
I??™m a long way from the States, mosquitoes and you
I??™ll send some money to help with the kids
I??™d like to thank you for all that you did
It??™s true Louisiana, and I??™m with Susannah, too
Got me a letter, it arrived today
The words I read just blew me away
I don??™t believe I??™ve ever felt so low
How could Susannah treat me so?
She said, ???I meant to tell you, my sweet honey
I??™m a long way from your love, your money and you
Please don??™t think me under
And I do believe you??™ll understand me too
I got a bar and grill with Phil in Kalamazoo


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