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Song:You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight
Album:Emotion Is DeadGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year:2000 Length:570 sec


Did you really think that it was over
when you hung up the phone
and said goodnight?
And did you ever think that it would be too much?
I can't leave without saying goodbye.
So did you really think that you could take it?
Could you make it alone tonight?
I never could have hoped for anything more.
Be my angel if you can, alright.

You always say goodnight,
and you always say goodnight.

So baby did you sleep an hour for me?
How I wish I was there right now.
I wasn't going to tell you I could change things.
I'm afraid I never will know how.
But I don't really think that I can take it.
Will I make it alone somehow?
So hold me in your arms before I leave you.
I'll be back as soon as time allows.

You always say goodnight,
and you always say goodnight.


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