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Album:Got Any Gum?Genres:Rock
Year:1987 Length:186 sec


I'm gonna have my own private party
Gonna invite everyone I know
We'll all have our own personal celebration

I'm gonna send out invitations
To all my friends -- your friends -- and their friends too
We'll all go on a permanent paid vacation
Wouldn't that be fun?

And if anyone asks you I like having fun
I like having fun
Here we go now -- (Awesome guitar solo)

Well if I was king I'd sign a proclamation
And if I was president I'd pass a law
And I'd call for a full-blown Senate investigation
Of everyone who wasn't having fun

If something ain't fun why do it?
I'd rather have fun
That's all there is to it

(c) 1987 Wow & Flutter Music ASCAP/Marinara Music Company BMI


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