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MxPx - My Life Story Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:My Life Story
Year: Length:164 sec

Lyricist: MxPx


I was on my way
To be with you today
Well you know it's true
Because I wouldn't lie to you

First my car broke down
So then I had to hitch a ride
I was almost there
When the motor died

Don't hate me, forever
I'm better late then never
I failed you,
I'm sorry
That's simply my life story

I know it's much to late
To take you on a date
I know that it's no use,
But this is my excuse:

I was in a plane
And it was falling from the sky
I knew I had to survive
So i could say goodbye

(Repeat CHORUS)

You change your mind
Like you change the time
That I was gonna call you,
Or say I was about to
You change your mind
Like you change the time
I said that I would be there,
But then I didn't have a thing to wear

(Repeat CHORUS 2x)
My life story...My life story...My life story...My life story


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