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Song:Penny Arcade
Album:Platinum Collection Disc 2Genres:Rock
Year:2004 Length:188 sec


A light shown in the night some way ahead, blue turned into green then it was red
and stirring the night love music played the light I saw in the night was a penny arcade

Hey step up and play each machine seemed to say,as I walked round and round the penny arcade
just ring the bell on the big bagatelle and you'll make all those colored lights cascade
and music played at the penny arcade, yes it played and it played, played all the time
roll up and spend your last dime

At first I thought it a dream that I was in, lost, lost in a sea of glass and tin
but no, so dipping my hand in the back of my jeans I grabbed a handful of coins to feed the machine

Repeat chorus

Oh! repeat chorus

Roll up and spend your last, roll up and spend your last,
roll up and spend your last dime


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