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Jackson Browne - Jamaica Say You Will (OGWT, 1975) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Jamaica Say You Will (OGWT, 1975)
Album:Saturate Before UsingGenres:Pop-Folk
Year:1972 Length:180 sec

Lyricist: Jackson Browne


Jamaica was the lovely one, I played her wellAs we lay in the tall grass where the shadows fellHiding from the children so they would not tellWe would stay there 'till her sister rang the evening bellJamaica, say you willHelp me find a way to fill these empty hoursSay you will come again tomorrowThe daughter of a captain on the rolling seasShe would stare across the water from the treesLast time he was home he held her on his kneesAnd said the next time they would sail away just where they pleasedJamaica, say you willHelp me find a way to fill these lifeless sailsAnd stay until my ships can find the seaJamaica was a sweet young one, I loved her trueShe was a comfort and a mercy through and throughHiding from this world together, next thing I knewWe had brought her things down to the bay- what could I doJamaica, say you willHelp me find a way to fill these sailsAnd we will sail until our waters have run dry


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