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Song:Wildfire (Take 1)
Album:Lookin' BackGenres:Rock
Year: Length:284 sec


With a full moon rising high on a wind-swept summer night
Me and the boys in the band were out crusin' we were feelin' all right
I really had no high hopes, I had no expectations at all
We were walkin' into this crowded bar in a little lakeside town way up north

Local girls all buzzed around but I only wanted to pass them by
Then I caught a look and a smile from this girl with light blue eyes
And I could not look away

Stood there frozen in my tracks, I felt I'd been thunderstruck
Asked a local guy I met if he knew her, he said I was in luck
He brought me over to a table and she shyly shook my hand
I knew right then, oh, I knew right then
I felt a warmth deep down inside, sparks were beginning to fly
Felt my temperature risin' high

She was movin' through me
Just like wildfire
She was shootin' right through me
Shootin' through my heart like wildfire
Wildfire, wildfire
And I could not look away

Each and every night of my life I'm gonna thank my lucky stars
Every night I'm gonna thank my stars I walked into that bar
'Cause every night of my life when I hold her in my arms
Every night, every night, oh every night
I've got wildfire, I've got wildfire
I've got wildfire, wildfire, wildfire
C'mon, every night, every night, oh every night
I've got wildfire


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