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Toby Keith - Get Got Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Get Got
Album:Hope On The RocksGenres:Country
Year:2012 Length:223 sec

Lyricist: Toby Keith


Said the old man to the young man
Leanin on the fence,
Spittin out his wisdom
That didn't make much sence;
He said im'ma give ya somethin'
That'll help you in a jam.
Your on the job with a women,
You sit where you can.
When you find yourself in a hole stop diggin',
Cotton row gets long, keep pickin',
Fish ain't bitin', then son keep fishin',
Always drink upstream from your cattle
Be aware of cars and women
They run cold and hott
Sometimes you get it
Sometimes you get got
When it comes to country living
You can't do no wrong
Listen to a front porch prophet
Who's been living twice as long
Precious little gems
From wouldn'ts and i wants
Old man soapbox summons
Simple dos and don'ts
Ya' always catch more bees with honey
Less is more 'cept love and money
Ride in the truck in between your buddies
You won't have to get out and open the gate
Tell the truth it's twice as easy
If you're right or not
Sometimes you get it
Sometimes you get got
Don't mix your whiskey with descision
Ask forgiveness, not permission
Do a rain-dance when it's mistin'
They say time ends everything
Talk less, Just listen;
You can learn a lot
Sometimes you get it,
Sometimes you get got.
Sometimes you get it,
Sometimes you Get Got.
Find yourself in a hole stop diggin'
If the cotton row get a long, keep pickin'
Fish ain't bitin son, keep fishin,
Always drink upstream from ya cattle
Don't mix your whiskey with decision
Ask forgiveness not permission


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