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Atb - Deperate Religion Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Deperate Religion
Year:2007 Length:266 sec

Lyricist: ATB


You know sheb,'s never gonna tell you, if she likes it this way
You know sheb,'s never gonna ask you, if you feel the same
A fever oh an addiction uh, was it worth it did you give your life away?
A fever a desperate religion, and all that she can say is
Give me just a little bit, uh
Gimme just a little bit
A train that never stops rolling itb,'s getting into your blood
A need that never stops growing sheb,'s a poisonous one
A hope for better days but nothing, oh
Seems to fix it, uh, now youb,'re wasting way
Indeed a desperate religion and all that she will say is
A desperate addiction
A familiar affliction
Denying wonb,'t fix it
This desperate religion


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