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Song:(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven
Album:Feel the FireGenres:Country
Year:1980 Length:167 sec

Lyricist: Reba Mcentire


I've been to Colorado
Where the mountains touch the sky
And I've done other things in life
To lift my spirits high
But nothin that I've ever tried to do
Has taken me as high as lovin you

Cuz you lift me up up up
Up to heaven
When you gently lay me down
You lift me up up up
Up to heaven
Yes you make my world go round

I never try to get away
On daydreams anymore
Love's taken me to places
That I've never been before
But if it's not heaven
When you're holdin me
Then it's the way that heaven oughta be

Cuz you lift me up ....


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