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2-4 Family - 9 Lives (
Song:9 Lives ('Clean'-Cut)
Album:Family BusinessGenres:World
Year:2000 Length:230 sec


Jay Dogg:
Check it, uh, a tisket, a casket, shit be hell of drasctic
Livin for the city, no time for lougin', relaxing
Gots to get my grip, no man are comin here to often, rolling from the hip
Paid my doobs to be the bossin', for what it's worth, dibb my time for doin dirt
Layin dowm the law, coast to coast, goin bizarre
I remeniss on the day, the good times and true lies,
'cause ain't no nigga got 9 lives.

Where you from, where you at? Where you from, where you at?
Who told you that, 'cause you only got one (x4)

9 lives, who told you that, who you know,
Where you from, where you at, 'cause you only got one
9 lives, we're just tryin' to survive
9 lives, we're just tryin' to survive

Got bless the child who holds his own, straight out of south west,
Hands on the crown, bad to the bone, (what?)
He wrote a let, with a scrap in his lap on the wrong track
tryin make the newspapers stack
Now check it, ey yo, you never know what you can do 'til you find out on your own
Think you livin' larg


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