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Song:It's Hard To Be Tender
Album:Philips - PowerplayGenres: 
Year: Length:194 sec


it's hard to be tender
it's hard to stay open
when you're dizzy with anger
and your dreams have been broken
lying with you 'neath the sky
the country is so green in the light
loving you's the key to my survival
now, you have gone away
the skies turned grey
the rivers froze
I remember how you held me close
and I shiver
it's hard to be tender
it's hard to stay open
when the woods are on fire
and the river is frozen
swore on my knees as a child
never to forsake God above
never to betray the ones who love me
now, years have come and gone
I find the strength to carry on
but the blood that ran so fast and warm
has grown colder
now, my heart has turned to ice
is it just the price of growing older?
it's hard to be tender
but I'm tired of defending
I know that I love you
so I'll write my own ending


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