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Song:A Nine Days Wonder
Album: Genres:Gothic
Year:2010 Length:317 sec


Dont save the day its not over
We fall for better or worse
I can see the sparkling ice is breaking
Ive seen you got a speck of dust in your eye
Act as if theres no tomorrow

Dont fall, stay awake
I surrender
Lie close untill theyve gone
A nine days wonder
Days will come; the old once are wiser, and better the truth
Ambiguity speaking
In and out of season the tide is turning
It will be serving you right

We dream of days even stranger
Please stay, get into the rhymes
Turning back, at one way or the other
Proceed, the childhoods end has only begun

You may run  but you cant hide from the truth
May you not rest until they are gone


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