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Song:First Time In Love
Year:1987 Length:248 sec


Baby, I've been takin' my time
Been holdin' back the one thing
I really knew was mine
The innocence was building up inside (?)
And I knew I could hide whatever I wanted to
Baby, how did you know
What else gave me the one thing
I needed to let go
When you showed me you can open up your heart
When I fall into your arms
Be gentle with me
It's my first time
(First time in love)
My first time in love
(First time in love)
It's my first time
(First time in love)
And I wanna make it last
No one ever before
Had been strong enough to teach me
What real love is for
But the joy that comes from touching heart to heart
And I just can't wait to start
All over again with you
And I, I can't define the way I feel
Or should I try
For the first time in my life
My love is like a shining sun
And I know that you're the one
Be gentle with me
I'm loving you
How could you, girl, feel for me
The love I was afraid of
Was the love that set me free
Tell me am I dreaming
Or are you dreaming to
Let me wake up from this dream next to you
Chorus 'til fade


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