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Song:Paths That Cross
Album:Paths that crossGenres:Rock
Year:1995 Length:209 sec


Speak to meSpeak to me heartI feel a needingto bridge the cloudsSoftly goA way I wish to knowA way I wish to knowOh you'll rideSurely danceIn a ringBackwards and forwardsThose who seekfeel the glowA glow we will all knowA glow we will all knowOn that dayFilled with graceAnd the heart's communionSteps we takeSteps we traceInto the light of reunionPaths that crosswill cross againPaths that crosswill cross againSpeak to meSpeak to me shadowI spin from the wheelnothing at allSave the needthe need to weaveA silk of soulsthat whisper whisperA silk of soulsthat whispers to meSpeak to me heartall things renewhearts will mendround the bendPaths that crosscross againPaths that crosswill cross againRise up hold the reinsWe'll meet again I don't know whenHold tight bye byePaths that crosswill cross againPaths that crossWill cross again


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