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Song:When I Get Where Im Going (Featuring Dolly Parton)
Album:This Is Country MusicGenres: 
Year:2005 Length:271 sec


When I get where I'm goingOn the far side of the skyThe first thing that I'm gonna doIs spread my wings and flyI'm gonna land beside a lionAnd run my fingers through his maneOr I might find out what it's likeTo ride a drop of rain[Chorus]Yeah when I get where I'm goingThere'll be only happy tearsI will shed the sins and strugglesI have carried all these yearsAnd I'll leave my heart wide openI will love and have no fearYeah when I get where I'm goingDon't cry for me down hereI'm gonna walk with my grand daddyAnd he'll match me step for stepAnd I'll tell him how I missed himEvery minute since he leftThen I'll hug his neck[Repeat chorus]So much pain and so much darknessIn this world we stumble throughAll these questions I can't answerSo much work to doBut when I get where I'm goingAnd I see my maker's faceI'll stand forever in the light Of his amazing graceYeah when I get where I'm goingThere'll be only happy tearsHallelujahI will love and have no fearWhen I get where I'm goingYeah when I get where I'm going


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