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Song:Shotgun Wedding
Album:You bought it, you name itGenres:Rock
Year: Length:166 sec


Big dude pinstripe suit
Godfather wants a word with you
He say theres no way
You kiss and run away
No no gigolo
Thats the end of your on man show
Come clean daddys mean
He make a meal
Of your pretty face

His only precious child
A chick so young and wild
Man how was I to know
She was his pride

Shotgun  walking down the aisle
Should have known
The danger zone
Now look at papas smile

Poor guys got no choice
Stakes high what a sacrifice
His cool days are gone
Now hes realized

This was all pre-arranged
I guess he had no say
He fucked with family
No he must pay

Somebody else is making up his mind
A girl he hardly knew
Will very soon become his wife

She rocks real steady
The guy aint ready
The time has come around again
Cause shell burn his fire
Till he expires
No more easy nights
Out with the band


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