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Song:Steel Bars (Feat. Orianthi)
Album:Gems: The Duets CollectionGenres:Pop
Year:2011 Length:206 sec


In the night I hear you speakTurn around, you're in my sleepFeel your hands inside my soulYou're holding on and you
won't let goI've tried running but there's no escapeCan't bend them, and I just can't break these....[Chorus:]Steel bars,
wrapped all around meI've been your prisoner since the day you found meI'm bound forever, till the end of timeSteel bars wr
apped around this heart of mineTrying hard to recognizeSee the face behind the eyesFeel your haunting ways like chains'Rou
nd my heart they still remain[Chorus]And with every step I takeEvery desperate move I makeIt's clear to meWhat can all m
y living meanWhen time itself is so obsceneWhen time itself don't mean a thingI'm still loving you[Chorus]


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