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Song:Forever in My Life
Album:Best of The JetsGenres:1980s
Year:1990 Length:437 sec


i just count the minutes, soon he will be home
to give the love i've waited for all day long
love his all his tenderness, love his all his sweet caress
keeps me warm when nights are cold, melts me to my very soul.

(chorus 1)
all my friends keep asking about this love i found, and i tell them he's the one that makes my world spin around, i'll never ever let him go, oh no

(chorus 2)

so if you want to know who's loving me tonight, its my baby, and he's loving me right
and if you want to know who lightens up my life, its my baby and my love for him lives forever in my life.

there use to be a time i lived without love cuz' of all the hurt and pain the path was made up
afraid to fall in love again, i often run away, i went to a place that knew that i can hide and made me feel safe

(chorus 1 & 2)


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