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Album:7 Deadly ZensGenres: 
Year:1998 Length:264 sec


"See you boys later"
"All right"
"Play hard"

My friends are all detectives
They liked to be protective
'Cause they knew I was the marrying kind

But this time they were helpless
Their Police skills were useless
They knew I'd never pay them any mind

She was shinny
She was bright
If that spelled trouble
Well all right
Guess we'll just have to wait and see
She looked like a diamond to me

Love's already hard enough
But when your heart gets tough
You can miss the simple things

You walk right past a rose
As if you never had a nose
Then one day
A little bell rings

Nothing matters anymore
Time to get up off the floor
Time to end this misery
Yeah she looked like a diamond to me

After all my years in this place
My fears slip slowly into space
Nothing but blue sky above
And a sky writer writes the word love

Angels must have been on guard
'Cause man it hit me hard
It was the real thing after all
And I was looking up to see
If she was looking back at me
Yeah I knew she saw me fall

She'd been shattered once before
But that won't happen any more
Broken glass ain't what I see
She looked like a diamond all right
She looked like a light in the night
She looked like a diamond to me

Gonna let it shine shine shine all night


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